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An interesting question regarding email subscribers vs. blog subscribers was asked recently on Linkedin. In a nutshell Lisa Bowen was wondering:

Can a blog-subscription email list be used for general company announcements and email newsletter blasts?

I personally separate the two types of subscribers and recommend that my clients do so as well. Although this practice may be perfectly legal under CAN-SPAM, I consider it not very ethical.

However, depending on how you phrase the ad copy in your pop-up, you may get away with it, e.g. if you say: “Sign up for updates from my blog and also receive my ezine.”

Be aware, though, that the spam issue is ultimately in the eyes of the subscriber.

Additionally, problems may arise when somebody opts out. Because these two lists are usually handled by two separate systems, you need to manually update one of them. Ideally, your email service provider would have some sort of RSS Feed plugin or connectivity. Email Service Provider MadMimi recently introduced this upgrade to their very slick email publishing platform. iContact has it, Aweber, too, I think. GetResponse also has a limited feature which allows you to send an automated email to your ezine subscribers announcing the new content is available on your blog, but it doesn’t actually deliver your blog content by email.

I use FeedBurner for handling email subscriptions to my blog and it can only collect the email address, not the name of the subscriber. This is just one of the reasons I wouldn’t use the blog subscribers list the same way I would any of my other confirmed opt-in email marketing lists.

What do you think? How do you let your blog subscibers mingle with the ezine subscribers?

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    I agree with you, Boris. You must be clear, very clear when you invite people to sign up for something about what it is they are agreeing to receive. Since these are two separate database systems, I wouldn’t mix them. Although I’d be sure to invite people on one list to sign up for the other. As you say, spam is in the eyes of the beholder and it’s nasty business being reported for spamming, even when you’re innocent. Why risk it? Be clear and be honest, people will love you for it.

    Hi Patsi,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wisdom with my readers.

    One strategy I will be implementing soon in my ezine is including a link to my blog’s RSS feed. This will expose my ezine subscribers to my blog and give them a handy link to get the blog updates quickly.

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